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Sacred Self-Care Rituals

8-Week Online Course

About the Online Course

  • 8 weeks of guided activities, meditations and journaling exercises that will teach you how to build a self-care practice
  • Support and encouragement from an amazing community of goddesses in on our private Facebook group
  • Downloadable worksheets 
  • Meditations and journaling exercises to connect to your higher self
  • Crystal, moon and astrology guidance  
Self-Care Course

Join us in 2019

This course is currently in progress but you can get on the wait list for our relaunch in 2019.


This course is for you if you want to feel...

Rested Radiant Confident Nourished Connected

Course Outline


Week 1: Stepping into the Goddess Circle 

Introduce yourself and connect with the other women in our private Facebook group


Week 2: Creating Your Altar

Create an altar space that will inspire you to connect with your self-care practice each day


Week 3: Self-Care Deep Dive  

Review all areas of your self-care practice to see where you're shining and where you need to go deeper

Women's Circle

Week 4: Adventures in Self-Care  

Plan a nourishing adventure that will ignite your self-care practice


Week 5: Setting Boundaries 

Get clear on your boundaries and how you can shift things in your life to make the time necessary for more self-care


Week 6: Morning Ritual  

Create a personalized morning ritual that will have you starting each day glowing 

Flower Bath

Week 7: Evening Ritual 

Consciously plan how to best end your day so you can arrive in your bed feeling complete and ready for dreamland


Week 8: Remembering How to Celebrate  

Connect with deeper levels of gratitude and celebrate how your self-care practice has allowed all areas of your life to flourish

A Love Note

Dear Goddess,  

I’d love to have you join me on an 8-week journey where we’ll dive deep into the practice of self-care. Together we’ll explore what we’re doing (or not yet doing) in our current self-care practices. We’ll create morning and evening rituals to nourish our souls, set our boundaries, and remember how to celebrate our successes. By the end of this course, I know we’ll all be feeling nourished, focused and ready to wrap up this year looking and feeling like total goddesses.  

With love & light,  

Jill, Co-founder of Goddess Provisions 


The Self-Care Oracle

55-card oracle deck to help you intuitively select the self-care rituals your soul is calling for. 

Self-Care Deck
Self-Care Course